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Revolutions in Small Scale Processing

OMVE headquarters

OMVE is a leading company specialized in high quality, small-scale liquid process equipment for laboratory & pilot applications.

The advanced processing equipment simulates (existing and new) industrial processes at the highest level. Experience the benefits and features of our unique systems and services, improve your innovation strengths and reduce your operational costs!


CF-Carbonation HT-Heat Treatment HP-Homogenizing DEA-Deaeration
MPV-Multi-purpose Process Vessel FS-Filling CRA-Aeration & Crystallisation IS-Integration & Pilot projects


With our small scale systems you can conduct more trials in less time, which allows you to save on labour, ingredients and cut costs without compromise. Test results can be reproduced quickly and accurately and scaled to production size. OMVE is a leader in the field of supplying high quality equipment for the complete range of technologies available.