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Direct Assistance & Responses

OMVE is always ready to offer technical support and after sales service. The organization is structured in such a way that response is given promptly to any incoming issue. OMVE's goal is to reply to any issue within a day!

Most of our systems have a service menu to check the status of each individual component. To minimize down time, replacement parts are sent usually within 24 hours. For more information please contact us.

Demonstration Facilities

You are most welcome to visit our demonstration centre to inspect and test the equipment or to conduct trials. Our experts are ready to assist you.

Equipment is also available for rent. Operators stand by to assist you or to carry out your trials. You can contact us or make an enquiry using the enquiry form.

Installation, Commissioning & Training

We deliver, install and commission the equipment to ensure that the unit is working according to its specifications.

The performance of the equipment depends largely on the operator's skills. Therefore OMVE can provide trainings on how to operate the equipment if needed. When requested OMVE provides additional training after 3 or 4 months. Customers with a yearly preventive maintenance contract receive an annual refreshment course.

Maintenance & Spare Parts

OMVE keeps a broad range of spare parts in stock to minimize down times. To overseas customers or customers who use the equipment frequently, OMVE advises purchasing a spare part kit to cover all wearing components in the equipment.

OMVE advises customers to take out a contract that covers preventive maintenance to be carried out every two years, every year or half year, depending on the usage of the equipment. Other benefits include:

  • Training of the (new) operators
  • The opportunity to have desired modifications or upgrades carried out
  • Discount on spare parts

If you are interested in one of these services, please contact us or make an enquiry using the enquiry form.

Options & Upgrades

The equipment is based on a standard service unit that can be supplied with a wide range of options. Many of these options can be installed after the purchase. OMVE is ready for any special requirement you might have to guarantee that the equipment can handle today’s requirements and applications as well as future developments!