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Multi-Purpose Vessels

Blending vessels MPV-BL range

Blending vessels MPV-BLThe MPV Blending range are process vessels especially designed for the blending and mixing of liquid food products. The Blending tank is offered with a single- or a double jacketed atmospheric vessel in different standard sizes. It is equipped with a variable high speed propeller (or optional with a high shear mixer). This makes it very suitable for blending raw materials (such as powders) into different liquids. The blending vessels can easily be connected to an inline process to function as a product feed tank.

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Batch Pasteuriser/Batch Cooker MPV-BC range

Batch Pasteuriser / Batch cooker MPV-BCThe Batch Pasteuriser/Batch Cookers are pressurized double jacketed process vessels designed to pasteurize or sterilise a liquid food in a batch process. The Batch Pasteurisers/Cookers are equipped with a low speed anchor agitator with scrapers. In combination with the anchor agitator a high speed propeller or high shear mixer can be installed, depending on the size of the vessel. The Batch Pasteuriser/Sterilizer is generally used as a stand-alone system.

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Buffering vessels MPV-HB or MPV-AB range

Buffering vessel MPV-HB MPV-ABThe MPV Hygienic (MPV-HB) & Aseptic (MPV-AB) Buffering range are process vessels designed for the buffering of liquid food products in a continuous process. This can be in a Hygienic or Aseptic system. The MPV is offered (standard) as a single wall pressurized vessel.

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Fermentation vessels MPV-FE range

Fermentation vessels MPV-FEThe MPV Fermetation vessels are mainly used in dairy and soy applications. This system can be supplied with one or two vessels that are fully automated over time and is able to add additives based on time, temperature and/or ph-level.

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