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Hygienic and Aseptic Filling

Clean-Fill & Clean-Fill ESLFS210 Clean-Fill & FS211 Clean-Fill ESL

The OMVE Clean-Fill creates a class 100 hygienic working environment, ensuring the protection for (non-hazardous) products. The continuous downflow and overpressure - created by the sterile air from the HEPA-filter - prevents inflow of contaminated air. Two types of systems are available.
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Asepto-FillFS212 Asepto-Fill

There is a growing demand for cold aseptic filling(CAF) to extend the shelf life of liquid products, without making use of hot fill or using preservatives. A frequently occuring problem, especially on a small scale, is sampling, packaging and storage of products without the risk of contamination. The Asepto-Fill gives additional assurance to the Clean-fill series.

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FS205 Flexi-FillFS205 Flexi-Fill

The Flexi-Fill is a counter pressure Filling & Closing System. The Flexi-Fill fills can fill still and carbonated drinks and will then close the containers in the same compartment. Cans, crown cork bottles and plastic screw cap bottles can be sealed within the same system. Imagine the flexibility you could achieve!

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