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Laboratory inline high-pressure homogenizer


HP202 Laboratory Inline high-pressure homogeniser

The OMVE laboratory inline high pressure homogeniser (10-30l/hr) is designed to perform in line with the OMVE HT220 UHT system as well as stand-alone. This is the smallest homogeniser with two plungers.

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Pilot inline high pressure homogenizerHP303 Pilot Inline high pressure homogenisers

The pilot homogenisers are available in different sizes that can be connected seamlessly to the HT320 series. OMVE offers as a standard the triple-piston homogenisers. This gives you a maximum simulation of the production homgenisers. Less pressure fluctuation in the homogeniser means better performance. The inline homogenisers are supplied (standard) with a frequency converter to be able to adjust the flowrate. The homogenisers are suitable to be connected upstream and downstream.

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