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Heat Treatment

HT121 (HTST) & HT122  (UHT) Table-Top pilot plant

Table-Top HTST HT121 & UHT HT122 systemThe Bench-Top HT121 (HTST) and HT122 (HTST/UHT) systems are the most compact systems available in the market. The nominal flow rate is 10l/hr. Despite being small in size the quality and performance are on the highest level. Safety, easy to use & operations and accuracy & reproducibility in performance are the key elements of this equipment.

  • HT121- Nom. 10l/hr upto 100degrC
  • HT122 -Nom. 10l/hr upto 150degrC

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HT220 Laboratory HTST / UHT pilot plant

HT220 HTST/UHT SystemThe compact HT220 enables you to execute trials with even less than 1 litre of product and reduces the required amount of preparation time, start-up time and processing time.

Consequently, the HT220 allows you to conduct more trials per day, improving your R&D productivity.  There is no machine that gives you as much flexibility as the HT220 at this kind of flow rate. This laboratory HTST / UHT pilot plant is supplied in different sizes:


  • HT220-10: Nom. 10l/hr upto 150degrC
  • HT220-20: Nom. 20l/hr upto 150degrC
  • HT220-50: Nom. 50l/hr upto 150degrC

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HT320 Industrial HTST / UHT pilot plant

Pilot HTST/UHT HT320The HT320 Pilot system can be fitted with different heat treatment systems and has a very low hold-up volume. As all OMVE systems, the HT320 has a central touch screen to control the system. The HT320 gives you the possibility to simulate your production plant without any compromises. This industrial HTST / UHT pilot plant is supplied in different sizes:



  • HT320-20:  Nom. 20l/hr upto 150degrC
  • HT320-50:  Nom. 50l/hr upto 150degrC
  • HT320-100: Nom. 100l/hr upto 150degrC
  • HT320-200: Nom. 200l/hr upto 150degrC

Higher systems available on request.

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