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Deaerator DEA310

DEA210 & DEA220 Deaerators

The OMVE laboratory deaerators can be used as a stand-alone(DEA210) or inline (DEA220) system. The deaeration principle is based on heating and vacuum and increases the surface of the product. To increase the surface OMVE has developed 3 different principles. The flexible configuration allows you to simulate industrial systems and to reduce the oxygen level in your product. This will extend the shelf life of your product and has a positive effect on different processes, such a homogenization.

Throughput is between the 10 and 50l/hr.

DEA310 & DEA320 Deaerators

The OMVE Pilot deaerators have the same configuration as the smaller units, only the vessel and the throughput is higher. The Batch unit is one size, the inline unit are divided into 3 sizes; the nominal flow rates are 50l/hr, 100l/hr and 200l/hr. 

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