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Aeration & Crystallisation

CRA121 Continuous Aerator

Continuous Aerator CRA121The CRA121 Continuous Aerator is designed as a compact tabletop unit to aerate a wide range of products with small quantities for R&D purposes. The unit can be integrated with the HT320.

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CRA226 Lab Crystallisation & Ice Cream Maker

Lab crystallisation & Ice cream maker CRA226With the OMVE laboratory CRA226 Scraped Surface Systems you have a reliable and robust system that gives you maximum flexibility for a very broad range of products. The CRA226 service unit consists of a feed vessel, feed pump and a touch screen installed in a closed frame on wheels.

The systems are divided in three kind of systems:


One barrel (SSHE) and air-incorporation


For the production of ice with different over-runs


One barrel (SSHE) and one pinworker


For the production of butter, margarine and spreads


One barrel (SSHE), one Pin worker and air-incorporation


A combination of the above

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